Contract Vehicles

OTIE serves our federal customers nationwide under multiple ID/IQ and site-specific contracts. We currently have federal contract vehicles with multiple customers, including the General Services Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Department of the Air Force, U.S. Department of the Navy, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Under our federal contracts, OTIE provides a wide spectrum of environmental services (including investigations, risk assessments, feasibility studies, pilot testing, remedial design, remedial construction, start-up, LTO/LTM, and process optimization), traditional construction and construction management, Title I and Title II services, and advanced geostatistical and ecological science support for Regional Vulnerability Assessments.

Our Federal Contract Managers are professionals with over 40 years of contract management and FAR compliance experience. Our procurement systems are managed by purchasing professionals who use our FAR-compliant, SOP-driven processes to obtain best value for our customers.

General Services Administration (GSA)

  • GSA Consolidated Contract, No. GS-00F-0006L, $200M
  • GSA Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), ID07130028 for AFCEC Environmental Services, $98M

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

  • Environmental Remediation Services MATOC, USACE Albuquerque, No. W912PP-13-D-0010, $25M
  • Environmental Remediation Services at Pemaco Superfund Site, USACE Los Angeles District, No. W912PL-13-D-0017, $4M
  • MESA 3 Environmental Remediation Services at Vandenberg Landfill, USACE Los Angeles District, No. W912PL-13-D-0021, $4M
  • MESA 4, USACE Los Angeles District, No. W912PL-14-D-0056, $4M
  • MESA 5, USACE Los Angeles District, No. W912PL-15-D-0021, $2M
  • South Pacific Division (SPD) MEGA, USACE Sacramento, No. W912PP-13-D-0010, $25M
  • BEST, USACE Savannah, No. W912HN-14-D-0002, $4M
  • Environmental Remediation Services, USACE Tulsa District, No. W912BV-11-D-0003, $9.9M

U.S. Department of the Air Force

  • Worldwide A-E 2013 Design and Construction Services (A-E13DCS) Contract, AFCEC, No. FA8903-15-D-0012, $950M
  • Worldwide A-E 2013 Environmental Services (A-E13ES) Contract, AFCEC, No. FA8903-16-D-0048, $500M
  • Range Architect-Engineer Inspection Services (RAEIS), USAF 45 CONS, No. FA2521-13-D-0005, $46M

U.S. Department of the Navy

  • Environmental Multiple Award Contract (EMAC), Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Southeast, No. N69450-12-D-0043, $30M
  • EMAC for Environmental Remediation Services, NAVFAC Southwest, No. N62473-11-D-2217, $50M

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)

  • Remedial Action Contract (RAC), USEPA Region 9, No. EP-S9-13-01, $80M
  • Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team (START) III, USEPA Region 4, No. EP-W-05-053, $63M
  • Technical Support for Regional Vulnerability Assessments (ReVA), USEPA NC, No. EP-D-11-060, $5.5M