Sustainability-figureOTIE’s vision of sustainability is in harmony with the long-standing core Seven Generation philosophy of the Oneida Nation which provides that major decisions be evaluated in terms of their physical, social, and economic effects on people seven generations from now, a 150-year forward planning horizon.

OTIE views sustainability as an extension of responsible environmental stewardship. We join our forward-thinking customers today as partners developing cost-effective, practical solutions to enhance long-term performance—the essence of sustainability.

Through our LEED AP design capabilities, we  develop efficient, low-maintenance solutions to enhance sustainability of our customers’ facilities. For example, we have developed rainwater capture and storm water systems that incorporate bioretention and local infiltration. We have installed high-efficiency lighting and HVAC equipment to conserve energy while improving office and residential living conditions.

In concert with our commitment to sustainability, OTIE implements green and sustainable practices at multiple stages of project execution.

  • Project Planning. We work with customers to establish systematic plans and project roadmaps to evaluate efficient scopes of services.
  • Technology Selection. We apply customized solutions to minimize environmental impact and energy demand while simplifying maintainability.
  • Project Design. We integrate features such as wetlands with native vegetation to polish runoff water and solar panels to generate renewable electricity onsite.
  • Construction and Demolition. Where possible, we preserve and reuse existing facilities during construction, and segregate and recycle demolition materials for reuse and recovery.
  • Long-Term Operations. We optimize O&M activities to reduce resource consumption while maintaining system effectiveness.

With our commitment to sustainable practices, OTIE continues to meet our customers’ current needs while enhancing our customers’ ability to meet their future needs.