OTIE Wins EPA Region 4 START IV Contract

On February 27, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 4 awarded OTIE the 5-year, Small Business Superfund Technical Assessment and Response Team (START) IV contract valued at $50.9M. Under START IV, OTIE will continue to provide a wide range of technical assistance and response support to EPA Region 4 On-Scene Coordinators who implement the national spill response system to protect human health and the environment. EPA Region 4 includes eight states in the Southeast: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and 6 Native American Tribes.

OTIE has served EPA Region 4 with START-type services continuously since 2000 under two previous contracts. Since 2000, we have delivered over 600 projects ranging from $1,000 to over $2 million for natural disaster response (e.g., post hurricane and tornado), emergency response, contingency planning, site characterization, removal action evaluations and monitoring, Risk Management Program and chemical safety audits, counter terrorism readiness exercises, community involvement support, data management, EPA staff training, and many other technical support activities.

This contract is managed out of the OTIE Atlanta office by Program Manager Greg Kowalski, CHMM. He brings over 19 years’ experience working on EPA contracts including TAT, STAT, and START, and managed the previous $64 million EPA Region 4 START III contract. Along with our OTIE Atlanta team supported by many other OTIE offices, we will continue to provide the same level of high quality services under the new START IV that earned us the ability to win this important contract.