Construction/Demolition (Construction Management): Camp Roberts, CA

Gas Line Replacement, Camp Roberts, CA
Construction ManagementOTIE managed the design and installation of new underground gas pipelines, complete with valves, pressure regulators, and building connections to 179 buildings in the 3000, 4000, and 5000 housing areas of Camp Roberts.
OTIE performed civil and mechanical design for 27,000 feet of pipeline, including pipe and fitting sizing and trench layout and specifications. The pipelines required sizing for, and compatibility with, housing renovations including updated HVAC and refrigeration units.
OTIE connected new HPDE SDR 11 pipe at nine stubbed out locations along the North side of Arizona Boulevard to feed nine quad areas. OTIE excavated the trenches and placed nine, 4-inch branch lines in a NW direction through the middle of each barracks quad. OTIE placed and bedded all new piping in accordance with industry standards and manufacturer specifications. OTIE connected each building to one of the branch lines with HPDE SDR 11 pipe in a manner that minimized the total linear feet of pipe. OTIE disconnected and abandoned in place or removed the pre-existing iron gas pipeline as needed to lay new pipe.
The project required trenching across numerous utility corridors –requiring extensive caution during field operations. OTIE performed a pre-excavation geophysical investigation during the design and layout phase so the project could be completed with least impact to existing utilities. OTIE also developed and implemented a rapid response plan so that any existing utilities that were damaged during gas line installation could be immediately repaired without impact to base operations or the project schedule.
OTIE avoided trenching across existing asphalt roadway and sidewalks to limit cost and disruption to the base. However, in the 5000 housing area, OTIE cut and replaced asphalt in some locations as required. Similarly, OTIE bored under sidewalks to minimize trenching through existing sidewalks. OTIE backfilled all trenches to match existing conditions and tested compaction using nuclear density testing to confirm specifications were met.
OTIE conducted extensive and effective schedule coordination with the Billeting and Logistics Groups on Base and completed all areas of intrusive operations without impact to any active base/troop activities.
Client Name: USACE Sacramento

Location: Camp Roberts, CA

Contract Value: $989K

Project Features:

  • Designed 27,000 feet of pipeline
  • Installed new underground gas pipelines for 179 buildings