Construction/Demolition (Construction Management): Langley AFB, VA

Phase I Sanitary Sewer Repair and Replacement and Lift Station Rehabilitation, Langley AFB, VA
Construction ManagementOTIE performed a $3M construction project to achieve compliance with CWA rules that require reduction of clear water infiltration and inflow (I/I) on the Air Combat Command’s busiest AFB. Tasks included excavation and replacement and, in some cases, in-place rehabilitation of pipe for a gravity sanitary sewer system, replacement of service manholes, and rehabilitation of four historically significant lift stations. OTIE replaced and rehabilitated a total of 15,000 feet of sanitary sewer—replaced 5,000 feet and rehabilitated 10,000 feet.
OTIE initiated the work beginning with an 80% design (by others) and prepared and submitted for approval plans, certificates, permit applications, submittals, and related project documents.
OTIE performed all site preparation, including pre-construction sewer video inspection and cleaning prior to rehabilitation, dye testing to determine active laterals, rerouting sewage flows, all surveying and construction staking, and sewer excavation.

  • For sewer replacement construction, OTIE trenched and installed 3,500 feet of new 6-inch and 8-inch sewer located in highly congested utility corridors alongside a heavily traveled road, in and near residential areas. To address very congested areas, we conducted a VE analysis proposed use of pipe reaming for replacement of 1,500 feet of sewer to avoid trenching that saved $300K and accelerated the schedule by over four months.
  • OTIE rehabilitated 10,000 feet of sanitary sewer piping using fold and form lining and cured-in-place methods.

We rehabilitated over 100 manholes using epoxy liner. During the lift station rehabilitation construction, OTIE demolished and constructed new piping and concrete floodwall, new yard piping and lift chain, new ventilation equipment and windows, extensive piping modifications, roofing replacement, door replacement, and window replacement.

Client Name: USACE Omaha

Location: Langley AFB, VA

Contract Value: $3M

Project Features:

  • Used innovative pipe reaming technology to replace 1,500 feet of sewer without trenching
  • Saved $300K and completed project 4 months ahead of schedule using VE analysis
  • Minimized physical and visual impact to the Base during construction