Construction/Demolition (Facility SRM Services): Camp San Luis Obispo, CA

Seismic/Structural Rehabilitation, Perlee Theater, Camp San Luis Obispo, CA
Construction and DemolitionOTIE performed two phases of work for Building 900 between 2005 and 2009 after the building was damaged by the 2003 San Simeon earthquake. Building 900, known as the Perlee Theater, is 67 years old and considered a historical structure. The structure was deemed structurally unacceptable after post seismic event surveys were completed.
To restore the building, OTIE implemented seismic upgrades that included retrofitting the clear span trusses from the original structure. Because of the physical configuration of the building, OTIE prepared a Shoring Plan to allow for the removal and replacement of some clear span trusses.
At the time that truss work was performed, OTIE installed new metal connection plates and additional bolts to make all truss connections acceptable. We also installed shear walls and diaphragms to provide lateral support to resist forces caused by the earthquake.
Access to the interior of the structure was achieved by removing a wall section and construction of temporary ramps to accommodate an extension lift capable of reaching 23 feet vertical working height. After completion of the interior upgrades and repairs, OTIE removed the lift and reconstructed the wall to the required seismic design.
OTIE addressed safety and health issues related to the electrical service and fire notification alarm in conjunction with the seismic upgrades.
In relation to the structural rehabilitation construction work, the CA ARNG requested that we upgrade the architectural details of the wall covering, lighting, and floor covering that were disturbed during construction. We completed installation of the theater seats to accommodate 800 people safely and comfortably.
Client Name: California ARNG

Location: Camp San Luis Obispo, CA

Contract Value: $724K

Project Features:

  • Successfully provided seismic/structural support on a historical structure
  • Minimized impact to sensitive intertidal shoreline environment
  • Upgraded architectural details of the structure during construction