Environmental Services (Air Quality): Glynn County, GA

Air Monitoring, Brunswick Wood Preserving Site, Brunswick, Glynn County, GA
Environmental ServicesOTIE prepared and implemented a Perimeter Air Monitoring Program during soil remediation for an 84 acre site bordered by railroad tracks to the east and west and by residential and wooded areas to the south. Burnett Creek, a tidally-influenced stream, is located on the western edge of the site. Three major types of wood treating operations were carried out at the facility that involved the use of creosote (includes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs), PCP (pentachlorophenol, which is associated with dioxin), and CCA (chromium/copper/arsenate) as wood preserving chemicals.

OTIE developed a Perimeter Air Monitoring Program to conduct, monitor, and document air monitoring during site remedial operations and evaluate and mitigate any offsite migration of on-site airborne contaminants in excess of federal and Florida State air quality guidelines. The Air Monitoring Plan specified action levels for airborne contaminants, requirements for collection and laboratory analysis of air samples, and mitigation measures to be implemented in the event that the time-weighted average concentration for VOCs was exceeded.

OTIE conducted perimeter air monitoring using qualitative and quantitative sampling, direct reading real-time instruments for qualitative measurements, and analytical laboratory for quantitative analysis. Real-time monitoring for particulates was performed with a Dust Trak 8520. We monitored total hydrocarbons with a Mini RAE 2000 Photo Ionization Detector (PID) with data-logger. Action levels were derived or adopted from guidelines for ambient air quality and formed the basis for implementing emission control measures.

OTIE placed eight perimeter air monitoring stations inside and along the site fence line to incorporate upwind, downwind, and crosswind measurements, ensuring adequate coverage of residential communities and roadways outside the site. We also performed air sampling for VOCs, SVOCs, dioxin, and RCRA metals prior to soil disturbance activities to establish baseline readings.

Client Name: Black and Veatch

Location: Brunswick, GA

Contract Value: $674K

Project Features:

  • Conduct, monitor, and document air monitoring
  • Air sampling for contaminants