Environmental Services (Air Quality): Oak Park, IL

Air Monitoring, Barrie Park, Oak Park, IL
Environmental ServicesOTIE conducted air monitoring and air sampling activities at the Barrie Park Former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site during site remediation. The site is a former MGP located in a residential area with potential polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination in soil. OTIE was selected by the Village of Oak Park to provide perimeter air monitoring and sampling during remediation conducted by the potentially responsible party (PRP) to protect the residents from exposures.

OTIE prepared a Health And Safety (H&S) Plan for on-site personnel and proposed monitoring requirements. OTIE conducted ambient air monitoring with Total Vapor Analyzer 1000 (TVA) and particulate monitoring with a Personal Data Real-Time Aerosol Monitor (PDR). Prior to the start of daily activities, OTIE personnel calibrated the TVA with zero, isobutylene, and methane gases. The PDR was calibrated for zero particulate matter prior to field use. After evaluating upwind and downwind directions, OTIE personnel monitored ambient air at pre-assigned station locations for 30-minute intervals. These station locations were designated at the beginning of the project to cover all wind directions to protect surrounding residents. Continuous air monitoring was conducted throughout the day, sometimes in two shifts to cover 16-hour workdays. All data collected from air monitoring was stored in the instruments with station ID and time, and were periodically downloaded onto the computers located in the on-site office.

When an action level was exceeded for VOCs or particulates, OTIE would monitor that station for additional period of time per site protocols and, if needed, collect a passive air sample for on-site analysis with a gas chromatograph. OTIE interacted closely with village personnel and technical representatives in evaluating the air monitoring results and assisting in any corrective actions. OTIE personnel recorded all day-to-day activities in a logbook to ensure reliable and substantive documentation.

Client Name: ENSR

Location: Oak Park, IL

Contract Value: $250K

Project Features:

  • Preparation and implementation of Air Monitoring Plan & Health and Safety Plan
  • Air monitoring for VOCs with TVA-1000
  • Particulate monitoring with PDR
  • Air sampling