Environmental Services (Air Quality): Outagamie County, WI

Air Monitoring, Little Chute, Outagamie County, WI
Environmental ServicesOTIE provided air monitoring services to the USEPA at this former dry cleaning facility. OTIE prepared and implemented an indoor air monitoring program to collect, evaluate, and provide mitigation recommendations for air at the site and in residential neighborhoods surrounding the site. As part of this monitoring program, OTIE collected indoor air samples from and around the site and evaluated the occurrence and distribution of dry cleaning related chemicals. OTIE collected 24-hour Summa Canister indoor air samples following an established time frame and guidelines of USEPA Region 5 Vapor Intrusion Guidebook (USEPA Region 5, 2010).

Prior to site removal action, OTIE collected indoor air samples from the site and from the neighboring properties to the north and south of the site. Indoor air samples were collected using Summa canisters over a 24-hour period and analyzed for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Analytical results indicated tetrachloroethylene at the site as well as in commercial/residential building to the north of the site.

In addition to the ambient air sampling, OTIE conducted perimeter air monitoring using RAE Systems ppbRAE instrument. The ppbRAE has a photoionization detecto and measures total VOCs in the air. All ppbRAE readings collected from inside the site building and during the perimeter walkthrough around the site were non-detects.

Client Name: USEPA Region 5

Location: Little Chute, Outagamie County, WI

Contract Value: $96K

Project Features:

  • Indoor Air Monitoring
  • Perimeter Air Monitoring