Environmental Services (Data Management): Maywood, CA

Data Management, Pemaco Superfund Site, Maywood, CA
Environmental ServicesOTIE’s EES™ project website for the Pemaco Superfund project equipped the USEPA and other stakeholders to efficiently manage the Pemaco electrical resistive heating (ERH) remedial action through 24/7 access to temperature, flow, and electrical usage data. Real-time soil temperature and other data, collected via telemetry, were modeled by OTIE using GMS software. The resultant 15 model “slices” through the 90-foot heating interval were posted weekly to the website. EES™ tools allowed the team to easily search the 1,500 model outputs over depth and time, supporting timely team decision-making to shut down costly heating when the system met temperature requirements. Other EES tools allowed the team easy access to the wealth of groundwater, chemical, system data, and data visualization products (maps, charts, and graphs) generated during the previous 18 months of active remediation. Client Name: USACE Omaha District

Location: Maywood, CA

Contract Value: $15M

Project Features:

  • Data management
  • Website development