Environmental Services (Data Management): Yokota Air Base, Japan

GeoBase Data Maintenance, Yokota Air Base, Japan
Environmental ServicesOTIE extracted sample and analytical data from over 500 PDFs of asbestos inspection reports written by multiple inspectors, each with their own report format. Over 15,000 sample results were processed and normalized to conform to the data structure of the existing web enabled asbestos GeoBase maintained by Yokota Air Base. OTIE developed customized scripts to parse individual data components from each inspector’s data reporting format. At the conclusion of the project, OTIE provided recommendations to significantly reduce the labor involved, improve data quality, and minimize the lag time to enter new data. Client Name: AFCEC

Location: Yokota Air Base, Okinawa, Japan

Contract Value: $49K

Project Features:

  • Data management
  • Website development