Environmental Services (Industrial Hygiene): Chicago, IL

Indoor Firing Range Evaluation and Implementation Plans, Chicago, IL
Environmental ServicesGSA Region 5 operates several indoor firing ranges (IFRs) for the training and certification of Homeland Security Forces. In a proactive effort to manage the ranges to maintain compliance with OSHA, USEPA, and other applicable standards, GSA retained OTIE to develop evaluation criteria for the assessment of their existing indoor firing ranges. A complementary element of this criteria encompassed design parameters and operations and maintenance protocols for these indoor ranges.

In the process of establishing evaluation criteria for assessment of existing indoor firing ranges, OTIE performed a comprehensive review of DOD, Navy Environmental Health Center (NEHC), NIOSH, and other relevant guidance documents and standards for IFR performance. OTIE summarized the standards in a report and checklist for GSA. The criteria in the checklist specifically addressed standards for airborne lead exposure, as well as HVAC performance, ballistic design, allowable noise levels, recommended lighting, and performance and recordkeeping criteria for range cleaning and maintenance. The most prevalent hazards in terms of human health were related to the management of ballistics and to airborne concentrations of lead. In addition, OTIE assisted in authoring the GSA Region 5 “Environmental Management Indoor Firing Ranges Technical Guide – E802.0401 (Rev).”

OTIE used these criteria to evaluate the operation of two firing ranges for GSA Region 5. OTIE’s Certified Industrial Hygienist observed operations; collected air and dust samples; measured air flow, noise levels, and lighting levels; and prepared reports documenting the range performance and recommending improvements along with projected cost estimates. GSA subsequently incorporated these improvements into future building standards to ensure compliance with applicable occupational and environmental health and safety standards.

Client Name: GSA Region 5

Location: Chicago, IL

Contract Value: $23,900

Project Features:

  • Evaluation criteria development
  • Assessment of firing range
  • Performance review