Environmental Services (Industrial Hygiene): Exeter, NH

Industrial Hygiene to Support Indoor Firing Range Operations, Exeter, NH
Environmental ServicesOTIE provided observation and evaluation of the IFR Standard Operating Procedures for a confidential client in Exeter, NH. OTIE provided exposure assessment to airborne lead during live firing exercises and assessed potential surface lead contamination.

The OTIE Senior Industrial Hygienist conducted personal breathing zone sampling during live firing weapons testing with air samples collected directly on five employees. Breathing zone sampling was conducted to capture actual exposure to airborne lead dust during live firing weapons testing and additional work activities of the employees.

An area sample was collected at the Range Safety Officer work station in the Range Control Room. In addition, we collected two area samples on the firing range immediately behind the firing line. We collected one area sample at the IFR Air Handling unit (AHU) exhaust discharge. In addition, a field blank was collected for quality control purposes. We collected 25 surface lead wipe samples throughout the IFR, Range Control Room, Inspection Department, AHU, and adjacent areas.

Client Name: Confidential Client

Location: Exeter, NH

Contract Value: $8,100

Project Features:

  • Lead exposure assessment
  • “Lead Safe” procedure recommendations
  • Waste stream –recycling and disposal recommendations