Environmental Services (Industrial Hygiene): Seabrook, NH

Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services for Indoor Firing Range Commissioning, Seabrook, NH
Environmental ServicesOTIE conducted an industrial hygiene exposure assessment to determine the levels of airborne lead in breathing zones during live fire exercises. Our certified Senior Industrial Hygienist conducted personal breathing zone sampling during live firing exercises on personnel and range safety officers. We conducted breathing zone sampling to capture actual exposure to airborne lead dust during live fire exercises (i.e., standing, kneeling, and prone). We concurrently collected control samples in the range master control room and in the tower enclosure. Samples were collected and submitted to an American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) accredited laboratory for analysis under strict chain of custody procedures.

OTIE used the sampling results to determine if the IFR ventilation system adequately removed lead dust and fume and whether lead concentrations were below the OSHA Action Limit.

Client Name: Confidential Client

Location: Seabrook, NH

Contract Value: $5,000

Project Features:

  • Assisted in commissioning new IFR by conducting Industrial Hygiene testing during the first round of “live” firing on the ranges.
  • IRF assessment
  • Breathing zone sampling for lead