Environmental Services (Natural Resources): Key West, FL

Shoreline Restoration, Naval Air Station, Key West, FL
Environmental ServicesAs part of a shoreline restoration project (Naval Air Station Key West), OTIE’s natural resources group performed a preliminary environmental survey that identified potential impacts within the proposed project limits. This survey identified existing land use, potential rare species habitat, wetlands, all mangrove trees and invasive species within project footprint.

OTIE coordinated with the US Navy and all involved agencies to prepare required environmental permits and authorizations for potential resource impacts associated with the repair of approximately 14,000 feet of seawall at several sites within the Key West Naval Air Station. Submittals included a Joint Permit Application (FLDEP, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), Section 7 consultation with USFS and mitigation plan which included conservation measures to reduce impacts to the marsh hare and leatherback sea turtle.

Client Name: NAVFAC South

Location: Key West, FL

Contract Value: $8M

Project Features:

  • Obtained required agency permits
  • Section 7 consultation with USFS reduced potential impacts to protected species
  • Provided on-site habitat mitigation/enhancement for the Marsh Hare and Leatherback Sea Turtle.