Environmental Services (Risk Assessment): Technical Support

Technical Support for Regional Vulnerability Assessment (ReVA) Program
Environmental ServicesOTIE is providing support to create, evaluate, and refine statistical methods, analyses, and quantitative models for the USEPA NERL Regional Vulnerability Assessment (ReVA) Program. The ReVA program is an ecological research program that uses monitoring and spatial data to develop spatially-explicit indicators of environmental health and vulnerability.

OTIE is developing new web-based ways of integrating spatial data and model results to facilitate multi-criteria decision-making. As shown in the screen capture as an example, OTIE’s GIS-based Environmental Decision Toolkit facilitates and visualizes regional environmental assessments under different scenarios.

Client Name: USEPA NERL

Location: Nationwide

Contract Value: $3.9M

Project Features:

  • Research and modeling
  • Ecological vulnerability assessment
  • Website development