Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Construction Management): STH 172 Roundabouts

STH 172 Roundabouts, Construction Management, Green Bay, WI
IES_Home_Hwy-172-roundabout_croppedOTIE provided construction engineering and inspection for the reconstruction of the intersection of STH 172 and the Casino and Airport entrances and the intersection of STH 172 and STH 54.

We reconstructed the intersections as roundabouts which included grading, colored concrete and asphalt paving with curb and gutter, storm sewer, signage, electrical, sidewalk, landscaping, and street lighting. OTIE led the inspection which involved measuring and verifying quantities, inspecting work completed by contractors, and providing sampling and documentation of materials.

OTIE incorporated a Tribal Sensitive Design within the roundabouts and accelerated the schedule to open the casino and Green Bay Airport entrances prior to the annual Oneida Nation Pow-Wow.

Client Name: WisDOT NE Region

Location: Green Bay, WI

Contract Value: $208,194

Project Features:

  • Engineering
  • Inspection
  • Construction administration