Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Site Design and Development): North Chicago, IL

Site Design, Building 140, Naval Station Great Lakes, North Chicago, IL
IES_great-lakes-slope-repairOTIE provided site design and construction for repair to a hillside damaged by erosion caused by unmanaged surface water runoff at the Navy Great Lakes Building 140. The project involved excavation within the erosion ditch and the installation of geotextile fabric, tile, and riprap down the hillside. Specific project activities included:

  • Replacement of the concrete patio and leveling of the patio canopy.
  • Placement of a new catch basin at the top of the slope
  • Grubbing and cleaning of the gulley
  • Placement and anchoring of geotextile fabric in the gulley
  • Placement of  6-inch corrugated drain tile from the catch basin to the bottom of the slope
  • Placement of riprap to cover the drain tile and fill in the gulley

To prevent future erosion, we installed two catch basins and piping at the top of the hill. OTIE designed an effective solution to trap the storm water before it could cause erosion. In addition, we provided coordination and management of the survey team to provide pre-design survey and construction stake-out.

Client Name: NAVFAC Midwest

Location: Great Lakes, IL

Contract Value: $203K

Project Features:

  • Site design
  • Management
  • Construction
  • Repair