Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Structural Engineering): Green Bay, WI

Structural Design, Larsen Road One Stop, Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI
IES_Larson-Rd-2012-10-30_136OTIE assisted the Oneida Planning Department through the one-year, turn-key process of concept development, engineering design, and construction management for the Larsen Road One Stop convenience store. OTIE represented Oneida interests by aligning with their goals and desires for the building and providing several value-added options to enhance many of the building features, advancing the vision in the original RFP. For each potential option, OTIE prepared cost and schedule estimates for evaluation by the Oneida team during the ongoing project delivery process.

OTIE provided a structural layout without interior columns to allow for an open layout for the One Stop and Oneida Market. We designed the roof structure using long span joints taking into account the heavy snow loads in the region and the multiple rooftop HVAC units.

OTIE developed ideas and concepts for incorporating the first Oneida Market. OTIE’s design reflected all of Oneida’s ideas for placement of merchandise and services so that electrical, lighting, HVAC, and plumbing needs were in place to support function and create appeal while efficiently managing traffic flow and commerce. Our design planning incorporated flexibility for selective future expansion of particular areas of the Oneida Market which prove to appeal to customers more than others.

Client Name: Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin

Location: Green Bay, WI

Contract Value: $3,099,727

Project Features:

  • Concept development through engineering design
  • Construction management for turn-key delivery
  • Flexible design of new Oneida Market for expansion to meet customer response