Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Surveying, GIS, and Mapping): Okinawa, Japan

Military Family Housing (MFH) Infrastructure Improvements, Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan
IES_Surveying_MisawaOTIE surveyors successfully completed a survey project at Kadena Air Base (AB) in Okinawa, Japan for the replacement of underground water, sewer, and electrical services at the Sebille Manor MFH. Sebille Manor is located near the topographic high point of the Base, has considerable elevation changes, and is in an active seismic geographic region. These factors created unique survey and design challenges. OTIE ultimately modeled the water system and then recommended and designed pressure control devices for the water system near the lower portion of the neighborhood, nearly 200 feet below the water storage tanks.

Topographic relief in the neighborhood was moderate to high, creating a more complex survey effort for OTIE’s Registered Land Surveyors. All survey work was self-performed in a timely, cost-effective, and quality-focused manner.

OTIE developed the design for replacement of water, sewer, and electrical utilities serving MFH in the Sebille Manor neighborhood. Unusual features of the design included removal of asbestos-cement water pipe and the requirement to preserve banyan trees and to minimize the length of outages for the residents. The design included landscape and pavement restoration and included compliance with Unified Facilities Criteria and other applicable Federal building codes. The existing water distribution system was modeled, and the model was used to enhance the replacement design. The following quantities of underground utilities were replaced:

  • 47,000 LF sanitary sewer and laterals
  • 44,000 LF water main and services
  • 58,000 LF of underground primary electrical and street lighting service
  • 98,000 LF of underground secondary electrical service
Client Name: AFCEC

Location: Kadena AB, Japan

Contract Value: $1.25M

Project Features:

  • Survey
  • Design
  • Utility replacement