Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Surveying, GIS, and Mapping): Southeastern Wisconsin

Surveying and Staking for Utility Mapping and Facility Maintenance, Southeastern Wisconsin
IES_Surveying_jim-2OTIE provides field survey and stake-out for natural gas mains and laterals within a five county area in Southeastern Wisconsin for a Wisconsin energy utility company. OTIE provides surveys for replacement of old facilities, the addition of new facilities in areas of new development, and replacements or adjustments required to accommodate roadway construction projects. In addition, OTIE has provided field surveys and prepared drawings for use in easement exhibits and staked existing and proposed right of way to assist in the placement of new facilities. Client Name: Wisconsin Energy Company

Location: Southeastern Wisconsin

Contract Value: $844K

Project Features:

  • Processing electronic data from AutoCAD or Microstation files
  • Field Survey using GPS and Total Station
  • Survey Stake-out