Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Transportation): Platteville, WI

STH 81 Urban Reconstruction City of Platteville, WI
IES_STH-81_1-smFor STH 181, OTIE provided intersection and vertical alignment improvements that matched the existing residential yards and driveways, signal warrant analysis and signal design, plans for reconstructing the existing storm sewer system, environmental documents, and extensive public involvement with residents and the local business community. OTIE worked with the municipality to incorporate sanitary sewer and water main improvements.

OTIE held coordination meetings with local business owners and the Chamber of Commerce in Platteville to incorporate their design ideas and to minimize impacts during construction. OTIE also provided community sensitive design (CSD) to enhance the City of Platteville’s downtown business district. Aesthetic enhancements included decorative lighting, stamped and colored concrete, and decorative fencing.

OTIE received a performance rating of 4.4 out of 5 from WisDOT Project Manager Anne Wallace for the reconstruction of 1.4 miles of urban roadway. The written evaluation included:

“[OTIE]’s strengths are their communication skills and willingness to take on extra work when requested. This workshare project required a great deal of coordination between the consultant, City of Platteville, and the two DOT offices.”

“The [OTIE] staff also had the opportunity to be creative in regards to the community sensitive design aspects that were incorporated into the final plans. They researched numerous communities and designs to bring in some innovative items that enhanced the current city streetscape plan.”

Client Name: Wisconsin DOT, SW Region

Location: City of Platteville,
Grant County, WI

Contract Value: $4.5 Million Construction Cost

Project Features:

  • Urban reconstruction plans
  • Environmental document
  • Right-of-way plat
  • Community sensitive design (CSD) enhancements
  • Storm sewer design
  • Public involvement