Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Transportation): West Allis, WI

Urban Reconstruction of South 60th Street, West Lincoln Avenue to North City Limits, City of West Allis, WI
IES_60th-St_0485_cropOTIE prepared urban roadway design, traffic control staging, and right-of-way plats and managed public involvement for the reconstruction of 1.57 miles of South 60th Street. OTIE provided engineering services including survey, right-of-way plat, traffic control and construction staging plans, storm sewer design, street lighting and traffic signal plans, railroad coordination, Phase 1 and 2 hazardous materials investigation, environmental documentation, reports, agency and utility coordination, public involvement, soils investigations, pavement design report, and PS&E submittal.

OTIE recommended upgraded signal timing and construction of a cul-de-sac on one of the side streets to improve traffic flow for up to 18,700 cars per day.

OTIE coordinated with local business owners to develop plans for multi-stage construction activities to minimize the construction impacts on the small businesses. OTIE designers evaluated and adjusted vertical profiles, pavement cross slopes, and terrace slopes to minimize construction impacts to existing landscaping and to buildings that had minimal offsets from the right of way.

The South 60th Street project was nominated for the 2011 “Excellence in Concrete Paving” award by WisDOT to represent the Local Program projects in the statewide competition.

Client Name: City of West Allis, WI

Location: City of West Allis, WI

Contract Value: $740,731

Project Features:

  • Planning minimized construction impacts to local businesses
  • Designed profiles and slopes to limit disruption of existing landscaping and buildings
  • Improved traffic flow for up to 18,700 cars per day