Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Water Resources/Storm Water Management): Lackland AFB, TX

Storm Water Investigation and Assessment, Lackland AFB, TX
IES_Lackland-AFB-(12)OTIE conducted drinking water assessments and storm water investigations for Lackland AFB, TX to support privatization of military family housing (MFH).

For drinking water, OTIE performed a compliance review with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Water Supply Rules. OTIE reviewed the Water Supply Rules (RG-195, May 2008) and the Housing Privatization Contracts to give an opinion on whether the rules apply to the privatized housing (that is, whether the water system operated by LFH is a public water system).

For storm water, OTIE investigated the operational status of storm water bypass valves, performed a field survey and hydraulic analysis of the 433rd Airlift wing drainage system survey, performed a Fuel/Water Separator (FWS) survey at Facility 980 to assess its performance and to evaluate the maintenance requirements, performed smoke testing of 91,000 LF of sanitary sewer lines to evaluate the current condition of Base sanitary sewer lines and identify locations of potential infiltration and inflow (I/I) to the sanitary sewer system, and assessed the existing Storm Water Management Program versus the TCEQ General Permit.

In summary, OTIE performed the following six tasks in support of the Lackland AFB drinking water and storm water programs:

  1. Drinking Water – Assessment of Compliance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Water Supply Rules
  2. Wastewater – Assessment of Repair/Replacement of Storm Water Bypass Valves
  3. Wastewater – 433rd Airlift Wing Drainage System Survey
  4. Wastewater – Fuel/Water Separator Survey
  5. Wastewater – Facility Demolition Impact Survey
  6. Wastewater – MS4, Storm Water Management Program Assessment
Client Name: AFCEC

Location: Lackland AFB, TX

Contract Value: $348K

Project Features:

    • Drinking water assessment
    • Storm water investigation and assessment
    • Storm Water Management Program assessment