Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Water Resources/Storm Water Management): Milwaukee, WI

30th Street Corridor Storm Water Study, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Milwaukee, WI
IES_N30stModelFeaturesand-loadpointsOTIE managed a storm water study for the 30th Street corridor located in the Lincoln Creek watershed on the northern portion of the combined sewer service area for metropolitan Milwaukee. The intent of the study was to address drainage problems within the target area.

OTIE developed a hydrologic and hydraulic storm water model with interconnected underground storm sewers, surface flow paths, and surface flood storage. OTIE identified areas of flooding during rainfall events and developed recommended improvements to lessen the impact and the extent of flooding. The approach included green and gray infrastructure storm water management improvements to abate a 100-year event.

OTIE’s recommended improvements included a greenway corridor, additional storm water conveyance, and approximately 100 acre-feet of storm water detention integrated into recreation areas. The greenway corridor will serve as a contiguous, 5 mile long feature connecting Lincoln Creek on the north to the Menomonee River on the south. The estimated construction cost of the infrastructure improvements is $40 million.

Client Name: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

Location: City of Milwaukee, WI

Contract Value: $70K

Project Features:

  • Developed a hydrologic and hydraulic model
  • Identified areas of flooding
  • Recommended improvements for flood management