Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Water Resources/Storm Water Management): Misawa AB, Japan

Water Main Analysis Modeling, Misawa AB, Japan
IES_modelscreenshotOTIE built and calibrated a water distribution system model for Misawa AB to analyze operational methods and identify non-compliance issues. Misawa AB is home to over 5,000 US military personnel who depend on a safe, reliable water supply system. OTIE performed modeling analyses that included max-day flow, fire flow, and chlorine residual throughout the system which includes 70 miles of distribution mains as well as 426 fire hydrants.

OTIE performed 38 hydrant flow tests, 33 chlorine residual tests, and chlorine decay tests on samples taken from the four chlorination points. We built the model from GIS data and system plans and then calibrated the model based on the hydrant flow tests performed in the field. Results included residual pressures in the system during max-day flows, fire flow available at the hydrants, as well as chlorine available throughout the system.

OTIE presented the modeling results to senior military engineers at a progress meeting at Pacific Air Force (PACAF) Headquarters in Hawaii. During this meeting, the client expressed a desire to link the “fire flow available” data generated by the model to “fire flow required” specified for individual buildings on Base. To complete this task, OTIE worked with PACAF to determine fire flows required to all buildings on Misawa AB and then conducted a GIS analysis to link modeling results to fire flow requirements at individual buildings. We generated figures illustrating buildings that did not meet the specified fire flow requirements, and related tables compared “flow required” to “flow available” at each of the buildings. We also performed additional modeling scenarios to identify operational changes would be required on Base to remedy fire flow deficiencies.

Client Name: AFCEC

Location: Misawa AB, Japan

Contract Value: $340K

Project Features:

  • Water main analysis
  • Testing
  • Modeling