Infrastructure and Structural Engineering (Water/Wastewater Engineering): Misawa AFB, Japan

Wastewater Treatment Plant Study, Misawa AFB, Japan
IES_Misawa-WTP_0172OTIE evaluated the condition of four wastewater treatment plants at Misawa AFB, Japan. The study involved the development of a Wastewater Treatment Plant Asset Inventory and Efficiency and Condition Assessment Report. In the report, OTIE summarized key assets, including condition assessment, criticality, and Asset Risk Index (ARI); and provided replacement and depreciated analysis and energy efficiency recommendations. The second half of the study provided recommendations for the SCADA systems to upgrading the existing monitoring and control systems.

OTIE engineers performed investigations and modeling, and developed recommendations aimed at improving capability, fulfilling compliance, and lowering long-term maintenance requirements of the existing wastewater treatment plant operations at Misawa AB, Japan.

Client Name: AFCEC

Location: Misawa AFB, Japan

Contract Value: $291K

Project Features:

  • Wastewater treatment plant evaluatio
  • Investigations
  • Modeling