Remediation and Restoration (Habitat): Former Tongue Point Naval Base, OR

Tongue Point Landfill Remedial Action and Restoration, Former Tongue Point Naval Base, OR
Remedial Action and LNAPL Treatment, Former Tongue Point Naval Base Landfill, ORDuring this landfill cap and leachate control system construction project, OTIE implemented several actions to protect and restore sensitive tidal wetlands. Because this site was adjacent to Cathlemet Bay which has threatened and endangered species, OTIE mitigated impacts using multiple measures including installation of a silt curtain/fish barrier, routine monitoring of habitat, and limited in-water work activities during spawning seasons. OTIE planted wetland rollsod and specialty plantings in the tidally-influenced emergent marsh zones along the Columbia River. The tidally-influenced stream adjacent to the site was restored to allow spawning salmon to migrate upstream. After completion of the landfill cap, OTIE placed native seed and mulch on the landfill cap surface and other disturbed areas. We modified the original design to armor steeper slopes in high wave energy environments to minimize erosion and maintain long-term slope integrity. During all work, OTIE maintained close interaction with USACE and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. Client Name: USACE Kansas City District

Location: Astoria, OR

Contract Value: $6,054,620

Project Features:

  • Protected T&E species during construction
  • Planted wetland rollsod and native plants
  • Effective regulatory coordination and communication