Remediation and Restoration (O&M): Joint Base Charleston, SC

Environmental Restoration Program, Joint Base Charleston, SC
Environmental Restoration Program, Joint Base Charleston, SCOTIE performed environmental investigation and remedial activities at the Environmental Restoration Program, Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) 28, SWMU 48, SWMU 80, and SWMU 83, located on Joint Base Charleston (JB CHS).
For SWMU 28, OTIE sampled the contents and performed removal of five USTs from a ship repair facility. We installed temporary shoring prior to UST excavation to mitigate the impact to the building foundation. OTIE removed the contents of the USTs and analyzed and disposed of as non-hazardous waste. At the request of the South Carolina regulators, OTIE collected confirmation soil samples per UST excavation, analyzed test results, and confirmed no residual impact from UST leaks based on USEPA Region 4 Screening Levels. We backfilled and restored the UST excavation site. In addition, we prepared planning deliverables that included work plans, UFP QAPP-SAPs, and H&S plans. OTIE delivered a UST Removal Report documenting the removal action, analytical results, and conclusion for no further action based on confirmation sample results.
For SWMU 48, which housed a former ammunition re-processing shop, OTIE conducted a survey to delineate sand blast grit dumped in the wooded areas adjacent to the facility during the 1960s. We excavated, removed, and disposed of off-site 30 tons of grit and miscellaneous debris as non-hazardous waste. OTIE restored the excavated areas with grading, reseeding, and asphalt patching. We prepared similar planning documents and progress reporting. South Carolina Regulators approved of the Draft Final Removal Action Report without revision. OTIE received a follow-on task to prepare the Decision Document for Air Force and SC regulator review.
For SWMUs 80 and 83, OTIE conducted and finalized RCRA Facility Investigations (RFIs) for each site. SWMU 80 is a former construction and solid waste debris dumpsite. SWMU 83 is a former maintenance site with UST for heating oil. We identified the source areas, established a list of chemicals of potential concern (COPC), delineated the vertical and horizontal extent of COPCs in site media, and evaluated the risk to human health and the environment.
Client Name: USACE Omaha

Location: JB Charleston Weapons, SC

Contract Value: $735K

Project Features:

  • SC regulatory approval of SWMU 48 Remedial Action Completion
  • Completed removal of five USTs from SWMU 28
  • SC regulatory approval of RFI Technical Memorandums