Remediation and Restoration (O&M): MCLB Barstow, CA

Remediation Systems LTO/LTM and Optimization, MCLB Barstow, CA
Remediation Systems LTO/LTM and Optimization, MCLB Barstow, CAOTIE provided systematic planning and O&M/ monitoring of multiple GETS and AS/SVE systems; long-term landfill monitoring, monitoring for natural attenuation of dissolved phase solvents; program analysis with recommendations for right-sizing remediation; and data management with web-based access and visualization at MCLB Barstow, CA.
OTIE performed O&M/monitoring and optimization for four remediation systems: (1) a 700-gpm groundwater extraction and treatment system (GETS) at Yermo Annex; (2) 2,500-scfm air sparging/soil vapor extraction (AS/SVE) system for CAOC 16 at Yermo Annex; (3) a 500-scfm AS/SVE system for CAOC 6 at Nebo South; and (4) a 1,000-scfm AS/SVE system at Nebo Main Base. OTIE performed the following tasks:

  • Performed groundwater modeling and calibration; capture zone analysis, pump testing of new extraction wells, analysis of regional groundwater patterns and post-precipitation aquifer response, and development of geologic cross-sections.
  • Designed a new deep extraction well to replace an inoperative well in a key hydraulic control area.
  • Prepared work plans and project plans, e.g., Accident Prevention Plans/Site Safety and Health Plans (APP/SSHP) with Activity Hazard Analysis per EM 385-1-1, SAPs/QAPPs and Data Management Plans per NAVFAC SW EWIs.
  • Assessed groundwater metals monitoring program; reviewed historical data, reports, and regulatory correspondence; noted that biofouling appeared correlated with elevated metals; recommended and performed well cleaning on a test well.
  • Performed monthly sampling of the two Yermo Annex drinking water production wells and GAC treatment systems and raw water from a third well (not treated). Performed groundwater monitoring semiannually (60 wells) and annually (200 wells) and soil vapor sampling (50 wells) semiannually.
  • Performed groundwater (including drinking water) and soil vapor sampling and analysis.
  • Collected samples from two off-site residential well treatment systems and one off-site residential well without treatment.
Client Name: NAVFAC Southwest

Location: MCLB Barstow, CA

Contract Value: $2.2M

Project Features:

  • Reduced energy costs over $140K/year and monitoring costs $4,500/year through innovative operational improvements
  • Zero reportable incidents for entire contract (over 12,000 hours in desert environmental conditions)