Remediation and Restoration (O&M): Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

Removal Action and Long-Term Operation & Maintenance, Seymour Johnson AFB, NC
Removal Action and Long-Term Operation & Maintenance, Seymour Johnson AFB, NCOTIE managed $5.9M under six CPFF TOs at SJAFB performing interim source removal and successfully implementing groundwater LTO/LTM at four large-scale groundwater P&T systems, designing, building, operating, optimizing, and monitoring performance between 2000 and 2008. OTIE recovered free-phase and dissolved-phase POL (JP-4) and gasoline with multiple recovery and treatment technologies including dual-phase vapor extraction, total liquids recovery wells, active and passive interception trenches, air sparging, bioventing, adsorbent socks, and oxygen releasing chemicals.

OTIE performed the following tasks:

    • Performed source removal, pilot study expansion, and site closure
    • Saved 18 months and $60K using biosurfactant soil washing/peroxide to accelerate groundwater bioremediation for site closure
    • Used Triad approach to fast-track work for real-time field analysis – SS-33 was listed on EPA’s successful Triad projects website
    • Expedited remedial action by coordinating and partnering with stakeholders
    • Performed O&M of treatment facilities, system optimization, compliance, and systems monitoring; reporting; and incidental construction support
    • Eliminated operations costs related to iron fouling, increasing performance by 40% and saving over $18K per year per site by adding chemical sequestering agents to control iron fouling
    • Conducted detailed optimization studies at all four treatment systems leading to increased operational up-time, maximized product recovery, and reduced average cost per gallon of contaminant removal
    • Extended a trench and installed two extraction wells to effectively fix a potential breach of an interception trench at OT-29
    • Designed/built/operated the SS-12 groundwater treatment facility, requiring a System Start-up Plan, shakedown, and calibration. The SS-12 treatment system addressed a JP-4 plume using active interception trenches, two passive interception trenches, and a sparge curtain to treat dissolved-phase contamination
    • Prepared a start-up and operation plan prior to activating the facilities
    • Assisted SJAFB to obtain necessary discharge permits for effluent routing to POTW
    • Maintained web-based O&M database tracking system for operating parameters, performance metrics, recurring repairs, and maintenance and parts/components inventory
    • Self-performed installation of 120 extraction/monitoring wells.


Client Name: USACE Omaha

Location: Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

Contract Value: $5.9M

Project Features:

  • Performed design, build, and O&M under 6 TOs for SJAFB
  • Applied multiple recovery and treatment technologies
  • Utilized Triad approach on SS-33 which is listed on EPA’s successful Triad projects website