Remediation and Restoration (RI/FS): Nascolite Superfund Site, NJ

Remedial Investigation and Removal Action, Nascolite Superfund Site, NJ
Remedial Investigation and Removal Action, Nascolite Superfund Site, NJOTIE remediated the 15.5-acre Nascolite Superfund site under a performance-based TO for USACE Kansas City District, in coordination with USACE Philadelphia District. The Nascolite site, a former location of a plant that reclaimed scrap and manufactured polymethyl methacrylate (MMA) plastic sheeting, had extensive soil and groundwater contamination.

OTIE performed remedial investigation and provided further delineation of soil contamination at the site for the removal of contaminated soils and debris. The initial activities/tasks performed included site clearing, geophysical surveying, location surveying, concrete coring, installation of soil borings, geotechnical and environmental soil sampling, delineation of soil contamination, and reporting of investigative results.

As part of the remedial action, OTIE removed and disposed of over 67,000 tons of soil, installed shoring to protect a rail line while limiting inflow of groundwater, dewatered to allow excavation below the water table, backfilled, and restored a wetland. OTIE also installed and maintained three air monitoring and meteorological stations for real-time air quality monitoring. The project was incrementally funded, requiring strict project controls including daily cost tracking and budget forecasts to avoid unnecessary demobilizations.

Client Name: USACE Kansas City

Location: Millville, NJ

Contract Value: $15.6M

Project Features:

  • Received safety award
  • Met aggressive performance and schedule milestones for site investigation, soil excavation, and disposal