Response and Recovery: Anderson, SC

Flex-a-Form Drum Response, Anderson, SC
Flex-a-Form Drum Response, Anderson, SCOTIE provided emergency response evaluation to the Flex-a-form facility that was failing to maintain appropriate storage and containment of a large variety of hazardous materials. OTIE conducted Level B sampling and inventory of nearly 1,000 drums, jars, vials, and totes. The majority of Level B sampling took place during extreme summer heat with temperatures at times in excess of 100 degrees without any injuries or incidents.

OTIE performed hazardous categorization (HAZCAT) of the hazardous materials to determine a safe and rational bulking scheme and reduce analytical and disposal costs. After all wastes were disposed of offsite, OTIE provided real-time guidance to removal contractors during soil excavation with an XRF and conducted confirmation soil sampling after screening results indicated adequate removal of contaminated soils. OTIE developed and executed stream restoration activities following the removal of impacted soil and sediment.

Client Name: USEPA Region 4

Location: Anderson, SC

Contract Value: $303,000

Project Features:

  • Significant Level B sampling in extreme heat with various hazardous materials
  • HAZCAT to create bulking scheme for disposal planing
  • Developed and implemented a stream restoration project on the metals-contaminated downgradient portion of the site