Response and Recovery: Harriman, TN

Emergency Response, TVA Fly Ash Spill, Harriman, TN
Emergency Response, TVA Fly Ash Spill, Harriman, TNOTIE provided emergency response personnel to the TVA Kingston Fly Ash spill where an estimated 5.4 million cubic yards of ash-laden liquids and sludges were released during a catastrophic failure of an earthen ash storage pond/impoundment. OTIE deployed multiple responders to assist with determination of impacts resulting from the release and the documentation of cleanup efforts.

OTIE performed daily site inspections to document all progress and phases of the cleanup efforts and generated weekly reports summarizing the progress. OTIE provided administrative and mapping support and procured scheduled aerial over-flight imagery to produce updated maps. We created and maintained a website providing a centralized repository for information sharing among multiple federal and state agencies, as well as contractors and the general public. Following USEPA departure from the site, OTIE provided report generation assistance to detail all aspects of the incident and response efforts to date. OTIE continues to provide data management and website management support for the site.

Client Name: USEPA Region 4

Location: Harriman, TN

Contract Value: $586,000

Project Features:

  • Provided all GIS site mapping
  • Maps of crucial information on cleanup progress and area to be addressed
  • Created and maintained website for information sharing among federal and state agencies as well as the public