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OTIE performs both stand-alone and integrated facility demolition services with material recovery for federal and commercial customers.

OTIE has safely performed demolition of over 500 Air Force, Navy, and Army buildings, fuel storage tanks, and bridges (including wooden frame, brick, steel, and reinforced concrete structures) at DoD installations across the CONUS and in Japan. OTIE brings experience as a prime contractor for project planning and permitting; lead-based paint (LBP) and asbestos abatement; facility demolition; utility removal, repair, and replacement; and site restoration. OTIE has safely capped, removed, repaired, and installed utilities for water, gas, sewer (storm and sanitary), fuel, and electric service.

Typically, OTIE recovers and recycles demolition materials for beneficial reuse and to reduce the volume of landfilled waste. Our green demolition approach involves segregating and recycling metals, crushing and reusing concrete for onsite fill material, and recovering articles of historical value. For one site, OTIE used recyclable concrete to construct an artificial reef and enhance nearshore marine habitat through close coordination with the Coastal Conservation Association of Alabama.

Featured Projects:

Abatement and Demolition of Buildings 946 and 8430, Vandenberg AFB, CA

Building Demolition, Vandenberg AFB, CA

Historic Building Demolition, NAS Pensacola, FL

Historic Building Demolition, NAS Pensacola, FL

Building Demolition, Misawa AB, Japan

Building Demolition, Misawa AB, Japan