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Site Design and Development
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OTIE uses a comprehensive approach to coordinate all aspects of engineering design projects. We use our model-centric design tools to evaluate and visualize alternatives, delivering faster results with improved accuracy. Our professional staff will work with you to evaluate existing and envisioned features and are experienced with regulatory requirements. Whether your site is two acres or two hundred acres, OTIE will provide you with the expertise to take full advantage of your site.

Our skilled staff will help guide you through the entire development process. Our qualified survey staff can handle the predesign topographic and boundary. Our team of engineers and surveyors will work with you to create an efficient layout that will reflect your vision. OTIE engineers will design an integrated infrastructure including sanitary sewer, water, storm sewer, and storm water management. We will design site grading and erosion plans in harmony with the natural terrain to shed water and minimize long-term maintenance. During implementation, OTIE engineers and construction managers will monitor the construction to ensure that your site is built according to the plans and specifications and that all project goals have been met.

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