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Wetland Restoration Design

Wetland Restoration

Construction Management

Long-Term Habitat Restoration

Monitoring and Maintenance

As part of site remediation, OTIE has often restored natural features such as wetlands and usable recreational areas such as parklands. OTIE biologists and ecologists prepare restoration plans based on the local flora and fauna native to the area. We provide construction management to direct wetland construction and plantings for successful long-term reestablishment of natural habitats.

Featured Projects:

Remedial Action Design/Implementation/Operation, IR Site 24, NBVC, Pt. Mugu, CA

Landfill Cap Repair and Wetland Restoration, Pt. Mugu, CA

Nascolite Superfund Site, NJ

Remedial Action and Restoration, Nascolite Superfund Site, NJ

Remedial Action and LNAPL Treatment, Former Tongue Point Naval Base Landfill, OR

Remedial Action and Restoration, Former Tongue Point Naval Base, OR