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OTIE performs system start-up, shake-down, long-term operation and maintenance, monitoring, and system optimization for soil and groundwater remediation systems for federal and commercial customers. Often, we perform O&M on the same systems that we design and construct. OTIE has performed continuous O&M/optimization/monitoring services for multiple remediation systems for six years or more. We have obtained regulatory approval for system shut-downs at several installations.

OTIE performs remediation system optimization with a view to the overall system—process units, monitoring systems, and analytical program—because all of these elements are affected by the evolving conditions induced by the operations of the remediation system.

For process optimization, we evaluate the effectiveness of unit processes relative to remediation goals and adjust operations to meet changing conditions. For example, we used in situ dissolved oxygen sensors on a large biosparging system to monitor oxygen demand and adjusted the flow of air to each of the 466 biosparge wells in portions of the 3-wall system to optimize addition of oxygen to zones where demand was greatest.

Similarly, we critically examine monitoring and analytical programs and make recommendations to regulatory agencies to allow adjustments to sampling frequency and analytical programs to fit the actual conditions encountered after sustained system operations.

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