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OTIE designs and performs pilot testing of both innovative and conventional remediation technologies to confirm the effectiveness and design criteria, and, in many cases, support regulatory negotiations. OTIE is a leader in the testing and application of cost-effective, in situ biological remediation technologies.

In many cases, OTIE uses advanced technologies to enhance the effectiveness of treatability testing by generating correlated data to support the weight of evidence needed to demonstrate the effectiveness of remediation systems, for example:

  • OTIE used DNA analysis to identify the presence of indigenous dechlorinating microbes (dehalococcoides ethegenes) in the treatment zone at IRP Site 6 at Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu. We used this information to design a single-phase anaerobic enhanced in situ bioremediation approach using both fast-release (soluble) and slow-release electron donors to remediate a chlorinated VOC plume.
  • OTIE used compound-specific isotope analysis (CSIA) at Crows Landing to confirm that the reduction of carbon tetrachloride was caused by active biodegradation, not abiotic physical/ chemical processes.
  • OTIE used a membrane interface probe linked to a direct sampling ion trap mass spectrometer (DSITMS) to generate real-time, VOC-specific concentrations in multiple hydrogeologic zones to a depth of 100 feet at the Pemaco CERCLA site to optimize placement of vapor extraction wells.

OTIE meets our customers’ needs for pilot testing and treatability data to advance their environmental missions using targeted, proven technologies customized for each specific site situation.

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