Remedial Actions

Remedial Actions
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Mold, Asbestos, and Lead-based Paint Abatement

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OTIE has delivered environmental remediation construction using innovative and traditional technologies to achieve customers’ goals. OTIE offers staff certified in the USACE three-phase construction QC procedures. For several construction projects, OTIE has provided value engineering to reduce overall cost and deliver added value for our customers.

OTIE has constructed soil and groundwater remediation systems based on our own designs and designs provided by our customers. We have constructed several innovative soil and groundwater remediation systems featuring in situ aerobic and anaerobic enhanced bioremediation, chemical oxidation, passive reactive barriers, electrokinetic systems, and electrical resistance heating, as well as multi-phase extraction, soil vapor extraction, and biosparging. We have also delivered conventional soil excavation, characterization, segregation, and multi-category waste disposal projects ranging from less than 100 to 68,000 cubic yards.

Featured Projects:

Burnett Creek Contaminated Sediment Removal, Brunswick Wood Preserving Site, GA

Sediment Removal, Brunswick, GA

Remedial Action and LNAPL Treatment, Former Tongue Point Naval Base Landfill, OR

Remedial Action, Former Tongue Point Naval Base, OR

Landfill Cap Construction, Concord Naval Weapons Station, CA

Landfill Cap Construction, Concord Naval Weapons Station, CA